External Statutory Audit

A Statutory Audit is a legal requirement by Law to determine whether your business is providing a fair and accurate representation of its financial positioning by examining financial information, records and transactions.

It enhances the trustworthiness of published financial statements. It also ensures the management have performed their duties appropriately but most importantly it gives the view on the efficacy of internal controls, so if internal controls are weak, the Auditor can provide recommendations for improvement.

Makesworth Audit aims to provide robust external statutory audit to provide real value and minimal disruption to your business. We aim to empower you to make confident and informed decisions based on a clear, concise independent assessment of your organisation’s finances. We use a risk-based methodology, we take the time needed to get to know your business from the inside out and concentrate our services on the key areas of your financial information.

We believe in taking a personal approach, hence our audit and assurance team keep you updated on any relevant changes in accounting and auditing standards and remain accessible for questions and advice throughout the year. We will provide all the quality and experience of the large audit firms, but with lower costs, added value and an attention to detail tailored to you.

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